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Updated: 09-12-2013

One of two ships ordered just before World War II to replace the ageing Newhaven and Rouen, the Arromanches was finally launched in 1946 and entered service the following year. One of the last passenger steamers on the Newhaven - Dieppe route she was replaced by the car ferry Falaise. Sold to a Greek shipowner, Petros Nomikos, in 1965, she was eventually scrapped in 1973. 

Arromanches at Dieppe
Arromanches arriving at Dieppe.
0186 - An untravelled Lapie photographic postcard.
Arromanches berthed at Dieppe
Arromanches photographed on a care free sunny morning in the 1950's - a quayside scene at Dieppe impossible to imagine in today's security conscious atmosphere!
0187 - An untravelled Estel postcard.
Arromanches at Dippe. Behind her can be seen Liseaux and further down the quai the cargo vessel Rennes.
0182 - An untravelled Editions La Cigogne photographic postcard.
This way to Paris!  A delightful picture of passengers disembarking from Arromanches at Dieppe.
0360 - An untravelled colourised Yvon photographic postcard.

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