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Duchess of York

Updated: 20-12-2013

Built on the Thames by R & H Green in 1895 the Duchess of York suffered from serious mechanical problems from the day of her delivery, so much so that she was returned to her builder for rectifications which lasted for over a year. She finally went into service on the Folkestone - Boulogne route in the spring of 1897. Although she was not unpopular with her passengers she proved unsatisfactory in service and was withdrawn and sold for scrap in 1904 after only 7 years of activity.

Duchess of York
Although captioned Princess of Wales this is actually the Duchess of York arriving at Boulogne. The Duchess could be identified by the fan-like form of her paddle-box vents and, in bows-on pictures, by her angular anchor crane.
0252 - An untravelled AC postcard.
Duchess of York
The duchess of York arriving at Boulogne.
0311 - An untravelled Levy et Fils postcard.
Duchess of York
A marvellous image evocative of a bygone age: the Duchess of York departing Folkestone.
0431 - A F.Puttee card postmarked 1904.

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