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Updated: 17-12-2013

Built by the Fairfield Engineering and Shipbuilding Co, Govan in 1887 for the London Chatham & Dover Railway. She was used on the Dover - Calais service for nearly 20 years before being scrapped in 1906.

The Empress at Calais
A delightful printed colour card of the Empress going astern out of Calais.
0210 - A Levy et Fils card postmarked 1911.
The Empress
The Empress departing Calais.
0214 - A Levy et Fils card postmarked 1906.
The Empress
The Empress alongside the Admiralty Pier, Dover. To the left of the picture can be seen a group of passengers waiting to emberk.
0428 - An unidentified card postmarked 1907.

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