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Le Pas-de-Calais

Updated: 29-05-2014

Le Pas-de-Calais, like her sister ship Le Nord, was built by the Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire at St. Nazaire in 1898 for the Calais - Dover service of the Chemins de Fer du Nord. Transfered to the Société Anonyme de Gérance et d'Armement (SAGA) after World War I, she was scrapped in 1923.

Le Pas de Calais
An animated scene at Calais: Passengers going aboard Le Pas-de-Calais watched by a group of onlookers seemingly indiffernt to the risks posed by the works on the quayside.  The state of the tide has dictated the use of the lower level landing stage.  The objects jutting out diagonally over the water are chutes down which the passenger's baggage has been slid.
0260 - An untravelled Editions Duporge, Calais postcard.
Le Pas-de-Calais
Le Pas-de-Calais in dry dock being repaired after her collision with the submarine Pluviose. Note the North Star embellishment on her spirket plate.
0432 - An untravelled ELD postcard.
Le Pas-de-Calais
The departure of Le Pas-de-Calais for Dover.
0216 - A Grand Bazar Lafayette postcard.

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