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Updated: 24-05-2014

Laura was built in 1885 by Aitken & Mansel, Glasgow for the Southampton - Channel Islands - St. Malo service of the LSWR.  With a length of 207 feet and a gross tonnage of 592 tons Laura was a small ship; her contemporaries on the Dover Straits were generally not less than 300 feet long.  As larger and more economic vessels were introduced she relegated to secondary routes like the St.Helier - Granville service before being converted to a cargo only vessel in 1922.

In 1927 Laura was sold to the Bahamas Shipping Company, Nassau. A year later she was sold to the Florida Inter-Islands Steamship Co. and renamed City of Nassau. She served as an inter island mail steamer until being scrapped in 1937.

Laura at Granville setting out for Jersey.
0363 - An untravelled Neurden Frères postcard.

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