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London Brighton & South Coast Railway

Updated: 18-12-2013

The London Brighton and South Coast Railway was formed in 1846 by the amalgamation of the London & Brighton Railway and the London & Croydon Railway.

Being present on the south coast from Portsmouth to Eastbourne they were naturally interested in cross-channel services. Permitted by an Act of Parliament in 1862 to operate their own ships the LBSCR invested heavily in the port of Newhaven, which, with its marine workshops was to become the base of it's operations. In 1863 joined with the French Chemins de Fer de l’Ouest to form a joint management company, unique in its kind among British and Continental railway companies, which endured, despite the vicissitudes of regrouping, amalgamations and nationalization, until the demise of Sealink in the 1980’s.

In 1923 the LB&SCR was amalgamated with the London & South Western Railway and the South Eastern & Chatham Railway to form the Southern Railway.

LBSCR operated ships included :